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LUDUS is an interactive fantasy adventure where children can play along in real-time with the contestants on the show, whether they are watching the show as it is broadcast or viewing on BBC iPlayer. The games are available on desktop and mobile devices to use alongside the show.

Ludus is a villain who has taken the friends and family of three children into space. The children must play the six levels of Ludus to win back their loved ones and, in the final game, they must try and win their own ticket back home.

"Ludus is compelling and charismatic with a big thrill factor for those who just want to view too," 
says controller of CBBC, Cheryl Taylor. "We're confident that this will be the first of many such sophisticated experiences for CBBC.”

Ofcom’s recent survey into children’s media use showed that half of 8-11 year olds in the UK now have access to a mobile and 44 per cent to a tablet (up from only 13 per cent in 2012).


Executive producer at Boom, Rob Hyde, said: “We have given the show a vintage sci-fi feel that we hope will appeal to both children and their families. When designing the interior of the space ship we imagined how it might look if it had been designed for kids by Apple and NASA."

The format was co-created by Boom Pictures and Cube Interactive. Executive producers for Boom are Rob Hyde and Angharad Garlick and Melissa Hardinge and Mario Dubois are executive producers for CBBC.

Only in its 4th week, the Ludus app has made it into the Top 40 apps worldwide and the TV show is a hit, having been declared ‘Critics Choice’ in several major blogs and publications.


In 2014, Ludus won the BAFTA CYMRU Award for Games and Interactive Experience and the Broadcast Digital Award for Best Digital Children's Content. Ludus was also BAFTA nominated for Best Interactive.

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Ruth Mills


Rob Hyde

Melissa Hardinge

Angharad Garlik

Mario Dubois


Sarah Milton


Jacqueline Mills


Renata Gilbert


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