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RELIC: Guardians of the Museum is a BBC Children’s formatted factual/entertainment show made in partnership with The British Museum and is part of the History of the World Project.


The History of the World Project is a partnership between the BBC and the British Museum to tell a history of the world through key historical objects. This is being done via the History of the World website, a series of 100 programmes made by Radio 4 which will be transmitted in three parts in Jan, May and September, BBC Nations and Regions content and BBC Children’s Relic, Guardians of the Museum which features 13 of the 100 historical objects as the Relics.

















Relic brings history to life and is aimed to engage, educate and entertain 8-12 year olds, BBC Children’s target audience. Featuring games set in historical locations, key characters from history and fantastic visual stories of Relics themselves, Relic shows children that the past can be just as exciting

as the present.


















Each show sees a team of three children race around the British Museum in the dead of night, their mission to discover the identity and story of a Relic held within the museum walls. The children must use the knowledge of that Relic to defeat the Dark Lord and become Guardians of the museum."



Relic: Guardians of the Museum won the BAFTA Children’s Award for Best Entertainment in 2010.






















Rob Hyde


Jamie Rea

Gillie Scothern


Sarah Milton


Jacqueline Mills


Renata Gilbert


Dobs Vye


Platform Post, London





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